Geez…where have we been?

Well, can I at least say we have been busy? I figured getting pictures posted was way more important then talking about all the fun we’ve been having, eating, sleeping and pooping. But really a lot more has happened since Day 3. So let’s fill everyone in.

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday, May 13th. Gretchen passed out in her infant carrier and did not even wake up when Savannah barked right next to her. In fact, she’s pretty immune to the dogs barking, she never even budges. Which is great since they bark a lot and unexpectedly. The dogs got their first introduction to Gretchen, Savannah just wants to lick her and follows anyone around who has her. She always has to check out a new person holding her. And Indigo, well, he’s still not sure of her. He would just bark at her at first when we put her in her bouncy chair. She makes some funny noises and he hasn’t really realized she isn’t harmful…yet. It’s when she starts crawling and walking he needs to be careful.

At first Gretchen was on what we claimed was a 48 hour cycle. She would alternate one good night and one bad night, which was good since we were at least getting one night of “decent” sleep. It’s all relative now. But she seems to have settled in a little better. Midnight seems to be the magic hour for her.

The first weekend home, Nonni, Bompa (the Gille grandparents) and Nana came to visit. They were very helpful, they cooked and cleaned and ran some necessary errands since I wasn’t allowed to drive for a little bit. Steve was able to get the yard mowed and being installing the new “stubborn” dog electric fence to help remind Indigo where his boundaries are. They also baby-sat so Steve and I could have our first outing out without Gretchen. We went to Lowes to pick out a new ceiling fan. It was very exciting.

Then Steve went back to work and Gretchen and I started settling into our “routine” before Gramma and Gramps (the Bessette grandparents) showed up on Thursday for an extended weekend over Memorial Day. Over the weekend we enjoyed some delicious grilled meals made by Gramps. Cathy and Lee came over for a dinner and attempted to teach Gretchen how to play the Wii. Steve was able to finish installing the dog fence, and not a day too soon since Savannah figured out the fence was broken. Now the dogs should be good again. Gramps rota-tilled by the one side of the split rail fence still standing so I could plant sunflowers. I planted those on Sunday thinking it was going to stay warm and it got down into the low 40s last night…so we’ll see. If they grow, you can bet there will be pictures.

Even more exciting…Gretchen’s cord fell off on Sunday, May 25th, exactly 2 weeks old, so she got her first tub bath on Monday and we put on her first onesie, Wally the green monster from Aunt Danielle. I figure since all she knows to do to show emotion is poop and cry, it was probably a good sign as a Red Sox fan she cried when wearing her first onesie rather than pooping.

We’ve slowed down a little on pictures and now they are being grouped by weeks instead of days. We see her everyday so she doesn’t appear to be changing much, though she is about ready to bust out of her newborn clothes.

That’s all folks, for now. I will try to keep updating, but eating, sleeping and pooping takes up a lot of time…

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