Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Friday I went to work and left early to go check out a swing set for sale. Wesley had his soft cast removed, his arm checked out (all is healing well), and his new green cast put on. He also got a new sling which is more comfortable than the other one he refused to wear.

Friday night we spent next door while the kids played. And then it rained … hard. Lightening stuck while the kids we jumping on the trampoline, and that was the end of that. Everyone inside to dry off and put on dry clothes.

Saturday Gretchen has her swimming time trials, and I rented a trailer from home depot. Then I dropped Gretchen off at a friend’s house while next door neighbor and I dismantled the swing set. The dismantling and moving actually went pretty smoothly, we were able to do it in two trips. And it took about 5 hours. So now all the pieces of the swing set were in my driveway. Definitely couldn’t have done it without the powerful help of friends.

Saturday night we made a fire in the fire pit and grilled hot dogs and sausages. Then we had s’mores! This was Wesley’s request, and since he has a broken arm it was kind of a no brainer. Nicole helped me start putting together the swing set fort.

Sunday was popcorn and PJ day at church, it’s always fun to not have a normal day. Then Nicole and I kept messing with the swing set. We eventually got everything except for the roof and twisty slide done using excellent engineering and creating mechanical advantages to get it done.

Sunday afternoon Wesley had his TOTs performance. And he did AWESOME! He participated and did amazing all with only one arm! Mr. TOT was pretty awesome and cheered him on. Wesley got a TOT basketball and a trophy. Then he got candy (and got some for Gretchen and Sammy too), and he had Mr. TOT sign his cast.

After the performance we went straight to a neighbors house for a crawfish boil. YUM! Sammy loves it. And they were pretty spicy, and the guys hanging around the table eating were impressed. Wesley and Gretchen had fun playing around the neighbors yard/house, and they seem to think that was the highlight of the weekend.

Sunday night I walked across the street to see if the neighbors were ready to sell me their grill (they are moving), so I have a grill again! And 2 more propane tanks … geesh, now I have 5.

Monday was a great hang out day at the house. We got the swing set all finished, and the kids have been playing non stop. Sammy kept chickening out going down the twisty slide, then all of a sudden he comes running at me telling me that he did it all by himself! Now all three of them just keep going and going.

Wesley is scaring me by running around with his arm.

Anyway it was a good weekend, beautiful and fun.

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