And then there were three

I’m starting to get completely bummed that I am not keeping up with the blog.  The main reason being I am actually referring to my previous postings from when Wes was little to find out what I did in certain situations or to find out how much Wes weighed at such and such a time.  Because you just plain forget.  Which is just so crazy because at the time things are so real and you don’t understand that it all just fades.  I often wonder why I remember so few things from when I was little, at them time though you never expect to forget. I guess I’ll try to whittle away at this over time and try and document it so I can at least have a record of some things.

Maybe I can start by covering some FAQs, one at a time.

What do the kids think of Sammy?

Gretchen adores every hair on his head.  She is CONSTANTLY saying “he’s SOOOOO cute” and “He’s the cutest baby in the world” and “I just want to squeeze him all the time.”  It’s pretty much what I expected.  Nonni said the morning she told Gretchen after I had the baby that Mama had her baby, she was so excited.  She wasn’t even phased that he was a he and not a her.  Nonni said it wasn’t until the drive home that she said “you know, I kind of wanted a sister.”  I was expected crying about it, but in the end she didn’t care.  In fact just yesterday she was talking about how Sammy and Wesley are going to beat up on each other and how Sammy is going to take Wes’s stuff, etc.  And then real quick said “I feel happy.”  And I asked why and she said, um nevermind, and I said because you’re the only girl?  And she said yeah.  I said yep, I tried to tell you that you wouldn’t want a little sister, little sisters can be really annoying and she said “yeah you should know because Auntie D was your big sister” and I said “yep, and I was annoying.”

Here’s Gretchen holding Sammy for the first time. Look at how happy she looks.

Feb 8th

Feb 22nd

March 4th

March 8th

March 15th

April 8th

Wes doesn’t dislike him.  I think that’s a pretty good description.  He doesn’t seem to resent him or want to hurt him.  Every so often he takes an extreme interest in him and gets excited when he smiles at him or will try to entertain him if he’s crying.  It’s definitely cute.  But he never says anything about liking him or thinking he’s cute.  Another funny thing is when we pray at dinner, we go around the table and the kids each talk about what they are thankful for and Wes always says “I am thankful for Mama, Dada, Gretchen and Wesley” and we always have to remind him to say Sammy.

Here’s Wesley meeting Sammy for the first time right before he tried to pry his eyelid open.

Feb 5th

cute pic of the boyz

Feb 17th

March 1st

He liked to kiss him for awhile, I think he just thought that is what you did with babies

March 23rd


April 12th


Wes helping give him a bath

Sammy LOVES Gretchen.  He loved her before he was born.  When Wesley would sit on my lap, Sammy would kick and kick and kick.  When Gretchen would sit on my lap he was always still.  Sammy tracked Gretchen walking by him the very first time she walked by him, the day we came home from the hospital.  I’m talking a full 180 degree head turn as she walked by.  I noticed he had really good vision the day he was born, he didn’t have that newborn stare I remember with the other two, well Wes barely opened his eyes for the first week, but when Sammy looked at me, he really looked at me.  So when he tracked with Gretchen it wasn’t too big of a surprise, but it was his Gretchen.  Gretchen can make him squeal, smile and laugh like no one else in the family.  She doesn’t even have to be looking at him.  If he can see her, he’ll squeal.  It is so cute.  It was the same with Wesley too, and still true really, no one could make Wesley laugh like Gretchen.  She seems to have a knack with babies.  Sammy is not as interested in the kids and the dogs for that matter as the other two were when they were babies.  Wes was fascinated with Gretchen he was constantly watching her, but Sammy doesn’t seem to have the same addiction for small moving bodies.  Wesley’s antics will make him cry.  He’s starting to take it better but Sammy is very jumpy.  He gets startled pretty easily.  There are things like the ice maker on the fridge that scare him every time.  Still.  Ice drops into a cup and he will jump, from across the room even.  So when Wes stands over him in his little rocker chair and jumps and yells and carries on, it does make Sammy cry.

Fun pics of them all…and a picture does say 1000 words:

Feb 8th

Feb. 17th

March 2nd

First tummy time experiences

March 11th

April 5th

April 14th

Sammy’s crying here because Wesley was too rambunctious



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