The Month of September

In September we finally discovered our own private pool.

Why we waited so long I don’t know.  One of the pools the HOA maintains became a “swim at your own risk pool” last year and they continued that program this year.  This just means they have a life guard there during select hours and the other designated hours you can use the pool without a lifeguard if you get a keycard which lets you in.  It also happened to be one of the two pools which stayed open through the end of September.  That is something I found a bit ridiculous too, why the need to shut all the pools down after Labor day?  I would gladly pay a bit more to keep the pools open or a pool open through the end of October.  But anyway, we discovered this pool and started going on Saturday mornings and most of the time we were either by ourselves or with one other party.  It was awesome, the kids loved it, we would bring snacks and then the kids would take awesome naps.

The second week of school Gretchen got the special teacher award for exemplary behavior.  Steve was travelling at the time when I told him and his response was “is it wrong to wonder why it took her so long to get it?” which was funny because I had the exact same thought when she came home with it.  Of course I was like that is so AWESOME but deep inside I was wondering what took her so long.   Hehe.

Gretchen learned how to play Mancala during afterschool at daycare.  She wanted to go out and buy the game and play it at home but I found out it could be made with an egg carton, some bowls and some sort of markers (which I used buttons since I had plenty of those) and we began to play.  She came home with some crazy rules.  I had to look up how to play online and then tried to convince her to play with the real rules were.  We then just took turns deciding what rules to use until at some point she realized the real way was the best way to play.  I was really amazed at how well she picked up on the strategy of it all.  I was trying to help her use reasoning with each move before I finally just let her go and she was really thinking ahead.  She would make moves I didn’t even anticipate.

We had our twenty week ultrasound for the baby the second week in September.  We didn’t find out gender, we won’t until the birth, we really like the surprise.

Everything looked fine except I have what they called a Marginal Cord Insertion which basically means the umbilical cord is not inserted into the placenta where they would like; it’s too close to the uterine wall or something like that.  They said most of the time it’s fine but in a small percentage it can cause low birth weight and so they want to monitor it.  Of course Steve and I laughed, low birth weight, not possible.  I would be excited if I had a Lower birth weight baby this time.  At the time of the ultrasound though the baby was measuring in the 50% percentile and tracking right along to my due date.  Which makes me think, huh, maybe this baby will be on the small side, it is possible.  I get to go back at 28 weeks and 34 weeks so they can monitor the baby which means more appointments and more time off work.  It’s crazy how when you work 30-45 minutes away from home and your doctors/dentists/everything else how much time is accrued going to all those appointments.

Attitude already! It looks like it’s giving us the finger.

We had a lizard on our window one night and it made me sad.  I used to look out my window and see moose or caribou…lizards aren’t as cool.

I took Gretchen to her first play; it was a child’s theater production of Rapunzel.  It was cute.  She ended up liking it though at first she was really scared for some reason.  She didn’t want to sit up front and at one point before it started she asked to go home.

And one day Wes woke up with crazy hair:

And one day Wes made crazy faces (which really is all in the life of Wes):

My car finally got hit.  I knew it was a matter of time; we have been parking it on the street because I take it swimming in the morning.  Luckily it was a neighbor who knew us, not the one from across the street; they were visiting the neighbors across the street.

He was in a big Tundra and he didn’t even see my truck, he only knew something was up when he was backing up and wondering why his truck wouldn’t back up any further.  Well, it was because he had pushed my car to the curb.  I was thankful it wasn’t a hit and run.  It was just a hassle to organize the repair.

We had friends from Alaska, Tami and Ray, stop by to visit on their way through from Florida to Austin.  That was exciting.  It was nice to see them.  Unfortunately we forgot to get the classic picture of all of us in front of our house.

This was the only picture I took

Then the last week the kids started soccer.

Note that this picture was taken AFTER they were done playing the first day.

It was pretty pathetic; I’m not going to lie.  It was an eight week session, the games were on Saturday.  Wes played first and then Gretchen.  It was a thirty minute practice and then a game.  The first day was bad for Wes but he got a little bit better.  He usually was uninterested after the practice.  If he did get in the game if he came out for any reason he never wanted to go back in.  Or if he somehow was close to the ball and get in the mess of all the three year olds flailing and kicking it would freak him out and he would come out crying ESPECIALLY if he got knocked over.  I took several clips of the games, it was really comical, there would be the group clustered around the ball, classic three year olds just following the ball and five seconds later you would see Wes run by, by himself.  Then the ball would reverse and the mass of kids would go by and five seconds later there would be Wes.  I can count on one hand the number of times he actually touched the ball the whole season and one of the times he actually took a run across the whole field with the ball, it was awesome.

This pretty much sums it up:

Gretchen was just as, if not more, pathetic.  She did almost the same thing.  Except she was her best the first two weeks and then she started complaining about not wanting to go.  She was fantastic in practice.  She would follow the coach’s directions and kick the ball straight, pass the ball fine, she looked good.  But then the game came and she was the same way as Wes, she just wouldn’t get involved.  She ran around the field flailing her arms looking like a fairy princess.  And IF the ball landed at her feet for whatever reason, she would NEVER kick it.  She would just stare until some kid came along and kicked it away from her.  It was pretty painful to watch.

I think she’s playing with her tooth…

She actually touched the ball here

Soccer is not her sport for sure.  She wants to try ballet next which I am pretty opposed to simply because I was scarred as a young child by the horrible, awful long and painful recitals.  The last thing I want to attend is a recital that lasts four hours after paying $100 for an outfit she’ll wear once, paying a recital fee and then paying for tickets.

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