Rain Rain Rain

Today was a very rainy day but still warm.  Gretchen slept in late this morning (7:20…late for her) and Steve got Gretchen up and I slept until 9:11!  That’s the latest I have slept in since I can’t even remember.  Probably before Gretchen was born.  It felt great.  Even though Gretchen and I went grocery shopping to get out of the house, Gretchen got a little stir crazy in the evening and just cried and cried looking out the window.  So when the rain finally let up a little before dinner time I took her out to get the paper from the driveway.  She just walked up and down the driveway playing in the puddles, holding my hand and having a good time.  Her feet were soaked when we came back in but it was enough outside time to make her happy.

Gretchen found her life vest from when we were staying at the cabin and tried to take her canoeing.  We must have been a few months too early with it because at the time when I put it on her she kept toppling over frontways.  She was so new at walking but I just thought that was the point of the vest.  It has to be heavy in front to flip them over to their back in the water.  But today she found it and wanted to wear it and loved it.  Isn’t she cute?

Now shes ready for the canoe ride...

Now she's ready for the canoe ride...

Gretchen also had a good time playing the kitchen utensils with Dada

Gretchen also had a good time playing the kitchen utensils with Dada

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