Attack of the Killer Toad

Tuesday, April 30th, the truck arrived to deliver our stuff. Gretchen had been sick the day before and her temperature had been really slow to come down so we kept her home one more day which allowed her the opportunity to watch our stuff come off the truck and into the house.


It was, of course, mass chaos. There were five movers there and things just started flying in the house.




A lot of it ended up in the garage, the rest of the junk went in the dining room which when they were done had the skinniest walking path through it. I was actually impressed they left that. Everything else pretty much ended up where it belonged.

Gretchen had a great time. When the movers were in Kenai, the first day the kids came home from daycare, Steve had Gretchen write on one of the boxes “I’ll see you at my new house” She was pretty excited to see the box come off the truck. She was even more excited to see her bed and her bike.



As it is now, I took too long to write about this day so I have forgotten a lot of it besides boxes, hand trucks and mounds of paper in front of the house.



It reminded me of the snow piles from the winter in Kenai and made me a little bit sad.


But as Gretchen and I stood in the street and watch the empty moving truck drive away she said “Today was a great day”


After picking up Wes at daycare we decided there was no way we weren’t going to spend the night at our new house. The kids were just too excited. So at 4:45 in the afternoon we head over to the apartment to grab everything we thought we would need for the night. Which really was a lot. All nine pieces we brought with us from Kenai were filled with the items we needed for everyday life. Which is funny too because when we moved to Kenai we did the same thing, brought the essentials with us for temp living and when it comes time to move in to the new house we think now why did we have the movers pack all that stuff and tote it all the way here? We just lived for 4 weeks (in Kenai it was three months) without all of it. But then you turn around to repack it to bring to the new house and you have three times the things you brought. It’s pretty aggravating moving out of temporary living even though you try so hard not to have a lot of stuff.

Then it was past dinner time so we had to quickly find dinner because of course there is no kitchen set up at the new house and no food. We grab Burger King and head to the new house. No plates, no sippy cups, no silverware. Wes, drinking from a cup, spilt his milk ALL OVER the new floor which was awesome because there are no cleaning supplies or items to clean it up with. And then the process of re-setting everything up for the kids to sleep. Making sure beds are made, noise makers, music, towels for the bath, soap, toothbrushes, nighttime books, etc.

Here we are, first night in our house. Our bed is awesome! I was so excited to lie down in it. After searching through several boxes to find pillows and sheets and towels for the shower the next morning. I pass out. Gretchen of course pays us a visit in the middle of the night, I expected that but I was pretty out.

I briefly remember hearing a strange scratching sound but I assumed it was Gretchen and didn’t think anything of it until Steve gets up out of bed. I sit up and he’s like what do you think that is? I am slightly freaked out because I had a small discussion with the exterminator about the kinds of rats there are in Texas. Which, some know this, I had two pet rats when I was younger, Thelma and Louise. They were the best pets I had, they didn’t bite, they didn’t poop or pee on me, they didn’t runaway, they didn’t break out of their cage. I would sit downstairs on the couch in the living room watching tv with them just sitting on my shoulders under my hair. I mainly did this to freak everyone else in my house out. I am not generally scared of rats. But the movies and TV shows have made me scared of wild rats because I imagine the red eyed, spikey haired evil rats of the cartoons.

The weird scractchy, slightly squeaky noise continues and of course we have no flashlights, just the flash light app on Steve’s phone. He goes out to investigate while I just hang out in bed. As he’s moving boxes around he finally says, it’s a frog, a big one, come and look. And again I am immediately freaked out because I have no idea if there are poisonous frogs in Texas. Everything else down here bites or can kill you. It ended up being a large toad and ordinarily I would have scooped it up in my hands and tossed it out but I am pretty worried it was poisonous. I dug around and was able to empty and use a small rubbermaid container to scoop it up in to take it outside. It’s 3am and dark. I am in my bare feet. Steve opens up the door and tells me to let it go. I gave him a funny look, because I was now worried about stepping on something else poisonous and I was like, right here? He was like, what do you want me to do, take drive it out into the country?

We go back to bed and I am laying in bed and I start thinking…there was a giant frog in my house. How in the world did it get in? And what does it mean? First frog then snake? I am now pretty worried that a snake chased a frog in our house and the snake is in here too. I finally convinced myself he came in when the movers were there.

The next morning I am in the shower and almost done when a giant black bug with pinchers crawls up from the shower drain. It was awesome. First a frog, then bugs in the shower…I am loving every minute of Texas.

These are about the only things I am not scared of (besides the birds) because I have already been bitten by one and it didn’t kill me. I rather enjoy watching them scale the house exterior because I know they eat bugs.


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