Massive Update

Warning…you will need to devote the next hour to my blog.  I have just posted four consecutive posts summing up the whole month which I was behind.  If you want to get updated chronologically you will need to start with the “Houston, First Week” post and progress forward.  Or read backwards as far as you can get. 

And THIS morning was the coldest ever at swim practice so far.  It was only 50 degrees which still sounds like a tropical paradise to me but it was like gale force winds.  It was so bad I slithered right into the pool as fast as I could because it was a relief from the wind.  And I thought all my limbs were going to fall off getting out of the pool.  I had a harder time getting out than getting in.  I can’t WAIT for my parka.  Come on move in date…currently scheduled for April 30th.  At least that’s when our boxes show up.  When I’ll actually find my parka is TBD.

The kids uniforms finally came in for their new school.  This was one of the main deterrents of the new school was that they wore uniforms.  Gretchen LOVES to get dressed in the morning and has such a unique style, as you have seen.  I kind of endorse it a bit because she gets dressed on her own, makes her own decisions so I don’t usually shoot down what she wears too much unless there is a major safety issue. So I dragged my feet a bunch ordering the uniforms.  Wes couldn’t care less, but Gretchen I just didn’t want to kill her clothing decision making.  I had Gretchen help me open the package up and pull all the shirts out last night and she was so excited, I couldn’t believe it.  Every shirt she pulled out she was like “so and so wears this” and “this is just like the shirt so and so wears.”  I think it helped I bought her a bunch of new jeans to go with the shirts.  And she did look REALLY cute this morning with the polo shirt on.  Though I told Steve I didn’t like it because it made her look SO old. 

Kids in their uniforms:


Gretchen has decided to grow out her bangs…It’s going to take FOREVER.  But I am having fun trying to figure out how to do her hair to keep her bangs out of her face for the interim period.  Today I did a small little pony and she loved it.


Oh and our gallery isn’t working.  I tried to upload all of April’s pics a while back and the pictures didn’t upload correctly.  We don’t know what is going on with it.  Hopefully we get it fixed soon.  These past few months have been rough on this site.

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