We now have a house

The Friday we closed on our house we celebrated by eating at the Ragin Cajun and having our first every crawfish experience. 


Those things are just too much work and all they tasted like was shrimp to me;  Gritty shrimp.  We also forgot about Steve’s thumb, which is functioning again somewhat but still not up to par.  So I ended up peeling about three-fourths of them.  And of course part way through Wes has to go potty and then after I get dirty again, Gretchen has to go potty and more napkins and more to drink….lots of wiping off hands. 

On Saturday we headed over to the house in the morning so the kids could finally see the inside.  We brought some trucks and our toy foam soccer ball and the kids had a blast running around in the open space, kicking the soccer ball, playing cars and checking out all the rooms.  I took a video of them running around and checking things out.  Wes was cute he was just running around following Gretchen repeating everything she said which was a lot of “Oh my goodness gracious, another room!” 

We also did some appliance shopping.  I haven’t really had the opportunity to pick out my own fridge before.  (Yes Mom, I got one with a bottom freezer)  I probably didn’t give it as much thought as I should have.  It’s pretty hard to do with the kids.   They get bored pretty fast.  All Wes wanted to do was ride the tractors and that meant Steve had to watch him and didn’t give me a collaborating partner.  We basically looked in consumer reports and said we’ll get that one, but it doesn’t end up being the same model, just the same brand and type.  And I had to pick out a washer and dryer too.  That was another daunting task.  Things have come a long way.  What I am most excited about is our new washer has a delayed start.  Which is awesome because now I can throw clothes in the washer before work and have them washed when I get home to throw in the dryer rather than washing them in the morning and them sitting in the washer all day wet before I get the chance to throw them in the dryer.  They get kind of stinky that way.  And it’s also nice to have a real size washer again.  I got used to ours but it was small, I ended up doing way more loads. 

Sunday we were back at the house for a little bit.  With no tools and no cleaning instruments it’s hard to do much.  I brought a broom from the apartment and swept up.  There were a lot of dead bugs on the floor, evidence of what all I have to look forward to.  I have hired an exterminator to do the quarterly program; I am not ready for the creepy crawlies.  They are going to make a bunch of money off me, coming from a place where the spiders didn’t get any bigger than my pinky nail and the mosquitoes didn’t carry any diseases.  We got to meet some of the neighbors.  The house across the street has a six year old girl and a two year old boy and I was told the house next to us has a six year old and a three year old.  We will be in good company.  The girl and boy across the street were playing in a baby pool and she had blond hair.  Gretchen was like, she has hair like Anni.  The father came over to introduce himself wearing a Boston Red Sox hat and said he grew up in Toledo.  And we met a neighbor who has been in the neighborhood since it was built.  Perfect, we need to hear the stories, always a great resource. 

And we’re back to another work week.  Monday, Wes walked into daycare by himself without crying, but Gretchen was having a fit.  It’s like one or the other now…  And I am trying to bust it at night to get over to the house and get Gretchen’s room painted and possibly Wes’s, which is going to be a struggle because after work, traffic, swim lessons and getting the kids down, to still want to head out for another two hours of work just to get up at 4:30 to go to swim practice, that’s a long day.  And it’s tough without all our tools.  I went to the Home Depot Monday night to buy all the supplies (duplicates of what the the movers have) and check out colors.  I bought a few potential samples to paint on the walls to see which ones I like the best and when I got to the house, at 9:15pm in the dark, realizing I have no clue where the light switches are, only to find out our electricity had been shut off.  I have one week before our stuff arrives to get this done.  I need to have power.  Come on people, give me a break.

Yesterday we got power so last night I went over to start taping the walls.  I was pretty much freaked out the whole time.  I’m alone in the dark, in a new house, new neighborhood, new noises.  I wasn’t as efficient.  So tonight I sent Steve over to do some work knowing I wouldn’t be getting much done because every time I catch the ceiling fan moving out of the corner of my eye I am instantly convinced something/one is coming to get me and I freeze for a minute before I start working on whatever again.  I am hoping to get two rooms done by Tuesday, we’ll see if that can happen.  That’s ceilings and walls.  I should really be doing the trim too because when I got down to tape it it was really ugly and that is really what should be done first but there’s isn’t enough time so I am picking my poison. 


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