A Florida Easter

After our week and a half in Houston without the kids we headed back to Melbourne to get the kids.  We spent a long Easter weekend there.  We got there late Wednesday night when the kids were sleeping.  Steve’s sister didn’t tell the kids we were coming in that night either just in case of delays.  Wes was in our room and when he woke up on Thursday he was just laying in his crib talking and singing, I quietly got out of bed and peered over the side of the pack and play at him.  He immediately stopped singing and just stared at me like he couldn’t tell if he was still dreaming or if I was real.  Finally I asked him if I could get a hug and he just started giggling.  It was cute.  He climbed into bed with us and was just giggling and giggling.  Gretchen was just as surprised to see me too. 

We just hung out on Thursday watching the kids play.  Trisha said Wes was so good the first week and then he finally got comfortable and started acting out a bit.  As the time went on he got emotional too when he really started to miss us.  Gretchen and Anni were just like sisters.  Cranky with each other one minute (especially in the morning, Gretchen can be crabby in the morning) and having a blast with each other the next. 

On Good Friday we all went to a park for a little picnic lunch and some play time on the playground.  The weather was beautiful.

And that night Ryan’s sister came into town with her family.  We went out to eat with them and had a bonfire on the beach, again with beautiful weather. 

Here’s Wes dragging me into the water, I didn’t want to get my feet wet at all but he just loves the water.


Saturday was a beach day which of course both the kids loved. 


The girls pretending to surf:

Wes had to give it a try:

And then it was Easter with the Easter bunny visiting and an egg hunt. 

The girls in their Easter Bonnets from Nonni.  Gretchen wore that hat the whole way back to Houston.

Hugging her Hallmark hugable bunny from Gramma and Gramps

That evening we left with the kids and headed back to Houston.  Gretchen was really sad.  She did not want to leave. 

Anni and Gretchen saying goodbye at the airport

The kids were so amazed that it only took one flight to get to Houston.  Gretchen even slept most of the way to Houston and I played with Wes.  Both the kids were super good on the flight, very well travelled kids.  And in fact they were really good the whole night.  We didn’t get to our apartment until 9:45ish, we ate dinner and let the kids explore our tiny apartment for a little while.  As expected Wes took one look at his room and all he wanted to do was play in it for the rest of the night.  Gretchen was thrilled with her new calendar I bought and just kept remarking over and over how much she loved the new stuff I bought her.  The kids finally went to bed around 11 without too much of a fight.  I laughed and said they’re back on Alaska time already.  Their bodies are already trained that after having fun on EST after the next flight they are back on AST.  Wes did sleep in the next morning.

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