Back in the water again

Today I got up at 4:30 am and I was actually excited!  I started trial practicing with a Master’s swim program.  I am finally living in a place that has a real Masters swim program.  Not one where a bunch of people who “like to swim” have joined together to meet twice a week but one with an actual coach on deck generating the workouts.  And also unreal is I didn’t just have one masters team to choose from.  There are actually two Masters programs in the same area.  I just picked the one that fit more into my schedule.  Which means 5am to 6am in the morning.  The other team practices until 6:30am which is just a little to late to get home to get the kids out the door. 

Let me tell you, it was awesome.  I haven’t swam in AT LEAST four years.  FOUR YEARS.   I’ve been in a pool with Gretchen, hotel pools and a leisure pool here and there but that was play with Gretchen, not to swim laps.  I packed my swim stuff to take on the plane coming from Alaska knowing I needed to jump into this program as soon as possible before settling into a routine or I would never start.  When I pulled it all out to get ready on Saturday all the elastic items were cracked, dried and broke apart right in my hands.  It’s been that long.  Including my swim suit elastic.  So I had to head to the store to gather supplies.  In the process I learned they stopped making my favorite goggles years ago (major bummer!  It’s a good thing I still have one working pair it just needed new straps), they no longer sell new straps, they are these bungee cord whose-a-ma-whats-its which actually worked pretty well and the swim suits seemed to have gotten a bit smaller…hehe. 

It just felt so awesome.  It was a good day to try it out, the pool is outdoors (heated) so I was a little bit nervous about the temperature (it is only April) but the ambient temperature was great, the pool water was terrific. The pool is open year round and the program practices year round, outside.  It’s just crazy. All of this within walking distance from the house we are hopefully buying (when I say walking distance I mean 5-10 minute walk or a pretty short bike ride).  It was pretty weird swimming long course no less (harder on the arm muscles because there are less breaks for turns and I am definitely feeling it now), in the dark, outside and not be cold.

Swimming just puts me in a good mood.

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