Our new house?

The Saturday we were in Melbourne a house finally came for sale in the area we were looking and in fact in the neighborhood we liked the best…  So the first day we were in Houston we went to look at it.  It was the exact floor plan as the house we had put an offer in on in February it just wasn’t as updated.  But it was cheaper.  We had a long hard debate because neither of us seems to be able to make quick decisions on things so monstoruous for our lives, we put in an offer.  As luck would have it (or not) we were the first offer by probably an hour and the agent had already stated they would entertain the first offer they received even though the second offer they received was an above asking price offer and the third was going to be a cash offer.  I can now officially say we have found a house.  It’s a nice floor plan.  The backyard is horribly small.  But you know I haven’t found a house yet that I liked the backyard.  It will need some upgrades to make it great but we decided we can whittle slowly away at those.  The big thing is it has no back neighbors and the backyard does feel fairly private, especially for a backyard the size of my foot.  And it’s in this gorgeous neighborhood with beautiful mature trees.  It’s walking distance to a playground, two awesome pools (one which is an olympic size pool the other is a kids splash pool), surrounded by walking trails around a lake and is zoned to a good school system.  Location, location, location, right? 

Since then we have had the inspections.  That whole process just muddies everything.  They find every little thing there is wrong with the house.  I followed the bug inspector around because I am the most concerned about bugs.  The good thing is there are no termites, the bad thing is we found fire ants, which because they are not a wood destroying insect, are not a “concern” but yikes they were like in whole back of the garage.  The exterminator and I are going to become best friends.  There really wasn’t anything major but you know all that little stuff adds up so the process begins of trying to come to some agreement with the seller for fixing all the “little” things.

We checked in to our furnish apartment and got most of the kids stuff unpacked and all set up for them.  That was another feat.  I’m glad we were able to do that without the kids.  First the furnishings they provided included little incidental “decorations” which were immediately gathered up and stashed into the nearest closet.  The AC wasn’t working the first day, we lost power the second night, the water needed to be run a bit becuase it was all brown and nasty (which also included the first batch of ice from the ice maker, yuck!), there’s a light that didn’t work, and a crib had to be ordered from a different vendor. 

We spent the weekend exploring the area, taking our first and hopefully last trip to Walmart.  We just wanted to check it out, but I am ECSTATIC to live somewhere where we will never have to go to Walmart.  (Mom, no site to store shipping!)  I went to Target to pick up things and also took a peek in Toys R Us, yea!  I bought a couple of new toys for the kids just so they would have something exciting here.  I got Wes a foam “cars” mat with roads on it so he can wheel his cars around.  The carpet here is thicker than ours in Kenai so it’s really nice.  We set up his room and it looks so cute.  I got Gretchen a new 60 peice puzzle and a magnetic calendar to hang on her wall to mark days and events. 

I am seriously like a deer in headlights down here.  There is SO much here.  It is more of an issue because Steve hurt his thumb and I am driving everywhere and I can’t help but gawk and get excited.  There’s a Michaels!  There’s an Outback!  Oh Tuesday Morning!  GIANT JOANNS!  And I can’t even remember all there was to see.  There is so much and it is all SO close.  It’s so crazy.  I attempted to go grocery shopping three times to get stuff to prepare for when we brought the kids back and all three times I couldn’t make it past the produce section before I got overwhelmed.  One trip I was so excited about a giant orange pepper for $1 that I just had to bring it home to eat it.  $1! 

Those peppers, if they were even any good were like $3 in Alaska.  One of the trips I finally made it past the produce and I got stuck in the organic chip aisle.  They were so cheap!  And chips I have never seen or heard of.  That trip I came home with blue corn tortilla chips. On the day before we left I was able to get the shopping I needed done.  Steve went with me, I went with a specific list that did not include any produce because we would be gone for a few days so by skipping the produce I was able to concentrate easier.

Steve found the beer place.  Well one of the grocery stores we went to has this awesome selection of beer.  The even have Alaskan brand beer which is awesome.  Well, for Steve that is.  I hate beer.  The wine selection is unbeleivable.  I keep browsing the aisles like a mueseum.  But in the town center there’s a bar/restaurant called the Flying Saucer which has a huge selection of beer and a club to join if you drink 200 beers at thier location you get a plate on the wall with your name on it.  Steve joined the club.  I wonder how long it will take him. 

And our first Texas truck siting.  We actually saw this guy park it and he literally had a spotter to help him park in the spot.  The picture does not do it justice because I didn’t want to put more air in the guy’s ego so I took the picture from a little farther away.  But it was pretty ridiculously huge and probably not legal.

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