Is Fall over Already?

Well, it snowed yesterday…briefly.  But that is the earliest we’ve seen snow fall here since we moved here.  It didn’t stick or anything but it was snowing. 

We were eating dinner and all of sudden the rain just turned to snow for about 10 minutes.  It was 27 degrees this morning to back up the snow.  I wouldn’t mind it beginning to snow and stick by the middle of October.  I really don’t want to completely miss out on winter this year.  And since we aren’t going to be here for the whole super long winter if it got an early jump start it really wouldn’t impact us at all because we’ll be roasting our skin off by March anyway.  

I welcome the cold.  I can’t get over how much I really do love it.  Tonight after dinner, because it was sunny all day today, FINALLY!  I played with the kids outside.  Gretchen got out a tennis racket and asked to have a whiffle ball pitched to her.  It was a ton of fun.  It all started because the kids decided to go outside after dinner because Gretchen wanted to fly a kite so she went outside “just to feel it” and came back in.  But of course Wes had to mimic her so he went outside “just to feel it.”  Before I knew what was going on both kids were running back inside to get on shoes and off they went out the front door to dig around in the dirt in my garden.  Then Gretchen came in with the tennis racket and whiffle ball and since she didn’t know how to really ask for what she wanted she mixed the words she knew in with acting out with the racket.  It was cute and I couldn’t resist.  The kids were in winter coats and hats, I was in a hooded sweatshirt and it felt awesome.  I could feel the cold creep into my fingers and my cheeks begin to flush.  I never broke a sweat at all.  It was awesome.  When we finally came in because Steve got worried about the kids getting cold, Gretchen was complaining about her fingers, I was like, I could have played out there for two more hours it felt awesome.


Here’s a link to a few movies of the snow and the kids hitting the ball with the racket.

It seems the incessant rain is finally coming to an end.  I swear it rained the whole month of September.  We were driving out of our road this morning and the sun was out and Wes started crying in the back seat “too bright, need glasses” because it has been a while since he saw the sun and it hurt!  The Kenai river reached flood stage.  I realized why the houses at the end of our road down by the river are all on stilts (where we ride the rhino to to have picnics).  Here’s a pic I took on Tuesday when the river was 6 inches below its project crest.

Dada was up in Anchorage this past week.  It was a little bit rougher this time around.  Wes got pink eye (or supposedly…) on Monday so I kept him home on Tuesday and took him to the doctor to get eye drops.  He was pretty cranky the beginning part of the week and spent a lot of time crying over little things in the evenings which makes it hard for me because the kids come home from daycare and Gretchen is talking a mile a minute about whatever and Wes is crying and I can barely hear her all the while I am trying to get dinner ready because the kids are starving.  It’s not really normal behavior for Wes so I assume he probably had a little bit of a cold and didn’t feel quite himself. 

Gretchen has been talking up a storm about babies.  Apparently she wants a sister and another brother.  I know she doesn’t understand the implications of her request.  She said something this past week about wanting to play a game that required six people and therefore this meant she needed another sister and brother.  hehe.  And then one morning she declared she wanted Santa to bring her a real baby for Christmas.  This was after a conversation from another day where she said she wanted a boy baby doll from Santa that talked and walked and wore a real diaper (FYI…this kind of doll doesn’t exist, I’ve googled it.  They don’t make boy babies…cabbage patch kids, that’s about all).  But I told Santa doesn’t bring live things, only toys.  She was a little disappointed.  But then this caused a whole conversation about marriage. 

Gretchen: “why do people get married”

Me: “Because they love each other and they want to spend the rest of thier lives together.”

Gretchen: “will I get married when I get bigger?”

Me: “if you find someone you love and you want to spend the rest of your life with them you will.”

Gretchen: “But I like Dada.”

Me: “Dada’s already mine.”

Gretchen: (with a sly look at me) “Well Dada’s mine too.”

Me: “yes, you’re right, he’ll always be your Dada.”

And that led into a conversation about whether Wesley will get married and if he’ll have babies and I had to explain that it wouldn’t be him that had the babies but his wife and she was like why do they call them “wife”? and then I explained that Wes’s kids and her kids will be cousins and she said “I’m going to get married and have babies first.”  hehe. 

She talked about getting married again tonight and asked if she would get married when she was 18, not sure how she knows that’s a somewhat adult age and Dada told her she wasn’t allowed to get married until she was 25…hehe and we told her we were 27 and 26 when we got married.  She didn’t say it but her laugh was like, that’s old.  hehe.

Gretchen can now spell her own name without prompting and today she pointed out where we live on a globe to Wes.  I was pretty impressed with that.  I was pretty impressed she could spell her name.  She came home from daycare one day and could do it complete, just like that.  It’s crazy that one day she can’t even remember the next letter with me helping her and the next day she knows the whole thing. 

And at some point, I don’t know when it happened especially since we still have not talked to Gretchen directly about the move, she started saying “when we move….”  Like “When we move, will we take those candles?” or “when we move are we taking our pictures?”  instead of “do we take our stuff when we move?”  A slight difference, her questions before have always been inquitive general based when people move type questions.  Now they are we are going to move and that’s a fact based. 

 I can’t help but sing “Thriller” on the nights when we see the moon through the clouds…

and a cute picture of Wes double “spooning” it.

And out last year to see these come in the mail…  :o(  Pfds.


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