Here comes the rain again

Well, Friday morning broke to a gorgeous fall and foggy morning.  Here’s the view coming out of our street on Friday.  After two straight weeks (and possibly three we were in Cape Cod for the first week in September) it was nice to see a breaking dawn sky.



And now we are past peak colors.  I always miss the reds and oranges of a New England and even an Ohio fall.  Here there are a lot of yellows mixed in with the greens of the spruce trees.  It’s a beauty all of it’s own.  I think my favorite part of the fall here is watching the grasses in the low lying areas turn, it’s an early sign of fall but it’s pretty cool.  The other thing that’s neat is seeing the snow come back to the mountains.  Mountains are cool but they are WAY prettier with snow.  And Steve and I were wondering, do the leaves even turn colors in the fall?  Do they even have a fall?  I think it’s good Steve and I are going into this blind. 

Since the rain just won’t stop, except for a few blessing moments, we took the kids to Jumping Junction on Saturday morning, not to mention that it was “Safe-mom” day and Gretchen had been wanting to go. 

We hadn’t been in a while so it was time.  Plus Wes, the jumping fool, would be way into it.  I was really thinking he would just bounce away from the beginning because he loves to jump.  I was actually really surprised, he was still really timid at first.  He was having a better time then the times we’ve been before but he still didn’t want to jump on his own until we were in one of the little bounce houses ourselves, just the four of us and Gretchen started running around it encouraged Wes to get up and be like her.  After that he was way more confident.  It was just fun watching him coming out of his shell. 



Gretchen loved doing the obstacle course the most especially jumping in and out of the tires.  

(Wes wasn’t as keen about jumping in and out of the tires…)

The last time we were there she was pretty scared of the roller obstacle but this time, no problem.

It was fun.

And Sunday, rainy still, Steve was playing drums at the church which requires him to go to church early because he plays at both services, I was home with the kids for the morning.  I tell you, there are definitely moments when I enjoy having two kids…Gretchen and Wes played up in the playroom together for almost an hour and a half.  Wes, being at an age Gretchen couldn’t play by herself for more than about 15 minutes, it’s nice to watch her drag him off and hold his attention.  Gretchen finally, willingly wore the jacket I wore when I was her age and she looked so cute!  And she posed for pictures!  It was a red letter day.

Wes getting in on the action.

And tonight Gretchen made another hilarious statement, We were eating mac and cheese and she said “my belly hurts, I must have eaten 100 pounds of mac and cheese!”  I have no idea where she comes up with these things.  But that one cracked me up.  And she was teaching me sign language too.  They must be teaching her signs in preschool because she knew more than I taught her when she was younger.  She specifically taught me the sign for “wait” and we agreed that when I am busy and she wants something that all I have to do is sign her “wait” and she’ll know she needs to wait.  Whether she holds up her end of the bargain or not who knows.  Tonight when I was letting the dogs in she was talking a  mile a minute and I said “hold on a second” and she was like “Mama, you are supposed to say wait”  hehe.  So I signed “wait” to her.

And Wes is getting SO good at singing his ABC’s and in fact is REALLY into singing in general.  He was walking around the house this evening singing “Jesus loves me” over and over, it was so cute.  In his little class at church they do songs and this past weekend I was the helper in the class and he was one of two kids in the whole class that actually participated singing along and doing the hand signals.  It’s really cute.  And I can’t help but notice when he sings he sounds so much more in tune that Gretchen does now.  Is it normal for a second child to seem better at everything?  I mean I feel like he hasn’t matured as fast at Gretchen, but I feel like he is already more coordinated than Gretchen, can sing better, can run faster, can swim better, can keep a beat better, can dance better, has a better understanding of the English language, and eats better.

…and then tonight our little after clean-up no mess activity was looking at old pictures on the iPad from our photo gallery.  Steve upgraded the apple products to the new operating system so we have been getting lots of fun day to day pictures of baby Alexis (the kids new cousin on my side) and they have been loving it.  So tonight we say down and I showed them pictures of the both of them when they were babies, Gretchen was obviously way more in to it than Wes was.  But as I was browsing the albums of them when they were “zero” meaning the day they were born, Gretchen wanted to see the pictures of me when I was pregnant.  Or as she puts it “Mama with your big belly.”  So I showed her the pic when I was 39 weeks pregnant with Wes.  Her response, “whoa Mama, that’s a big belly, could you sleep with a belly that big?”  HAHA….”it was pretty difficult.”  and then I showed her the picture of me when she was in my belly, 39 weeks, and she asks “did you go to work like that?”  hehe.  “Yes I did.”  and she asked “Why?”  I said “Why? because I felt fine and I had nothing better to do.”  hehe.

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