Healthy boy

Our morning started out beautiful.  Here was our view coming out of our house:

Gretchen was like “oooo look at the pretty sky Mama, I love purple” before I could even point it out to her.  That’s one nice thing about kids staying in car seats and boosters so long, they can see so much more.  Gretchen thought the sky was fantastic.  She was excited about the purples and pinks and said “there’s even peach Mama.” and then followed that with a “that’s really really really really really really….fun”  hehe.

Today Wesley went to hsi 18 month wellbabies check-up, two months late.  But better late than never.  He weighed 28 pounds and was 33 inches tall.  The appointment dragged on and on, which was annoying since I was missing work to take him, seems ridiculous that I didn’t get leave the office until 10:20 for a 9am appointment, but Wes was in a good mood and I realized I don’t actually get to spend a lot of time with him just one on one.  Dada gets more time with him alone than I do.  Usually on Saturday I am heading out to grocery shop with Gretchen leaving wes with Steve.  So the only time I really get him to myself is when he wakes up from his nap before Gretchen which happens sometimes for like 30 minutes.

He was a chatterbox.  He just talked gibberish the whole time to me.  That’s what made me realize I don’t spend enough one on one time with him.  I don’t get to talk directly to him very often and really listen to his responses.  Gretchen is SO loud I can barely hear myself think most of the time.  He was happy as a clam, after he got over missing breakfast at daycare.  We stacked blocks and colored in the waiting room.  He can endlessly stack blocks.  I don’t remember how high they were but when they started to be out of reach he would just knock them over and start again.  It was funny I had to answer the standard 18 development questionnaire and one of the questions was if he could stack at least three high and I glance over and was like, check. 

Overall he is such a jovial child.  Unfortunately Gretchen’s demeanor at this age is all such a blur to me.  I don’t remember her being such a humorous child, but I do remember her being a happy girl.  It was the 2 year old mark that hit my mind for her starting to be a handful.  Though I distinctly remember a brief throw herself down on the ground tantrum phase before Wes was born, particularly one episode on the floor in Walmart, thankfully the only public episode and early enough in the morning that I could just stand back and let her resolve it herself.  But much before 2 I think she was a helpful fun little girl.  Wes laughs a lot.  He is so amused with imitating and doing anything Gretchen does or anyone else for that matter.  I school aged boy came in to the office while we were waiting and he was enthralled.  When the boy sat down in one of the big chairs Wes immediately got up from his child sized chair and scrambled up on a bigger chair and then looked so proud of himself.  One of the things I definitely did not take for granted from Gretchen was she never wandered far from me at all.  She was/is so shy and so I never really had to keep an eye on her.  Well Wes is not as shy, he’s normal child shy.  He was running all over the waiting room without too much of a glance to me.  And when the nurse came in and checked us in he stood up in his chair, smiled at her, said hi and showed her his belly button.  Gretchen dove into my lap anytime the door would open to our exam room. 

Sadly today was a shot day though.  He got three shots and according to this office he’s done until four years old.  Which is nice.  But the poor guy, he was so patient for over an hour and then it had to end like that.  He was really excited about the stickers.  Tonight his poor little legs were so sore, I felt so bad for him.  He was walking real slow and all stiff legged.

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