Bio: Wesley 12 months

I just thought I’d jot down a few of the happenings and stages in Wes’s life.  One for the baby book that I’ll never write, I guess.

Wesley at one year old is 22 pounds 12 ounces and is 29 inches long.  I looked up the percentiles and he’s only in the 25th percentile for height and 25-50 for weight.  Which to me doesn’t seem quite right.  I really would hate to see just how big a child who is in the 75th percentile.   I mean I thought he was chunky, can you imagine?  I really feel like Gretchen was taller than he is at one year, but I’d have to find her stats to verify.

Wes has 6 teeth.  He’s got his top front four and the bottom two.  He’s got a really great smile.  I think his head has grown into his teeth and he doesn’t look quite like a horse.  His hair is LONG, I need to get it cut again.  Crazy how Gretchen’s took forever to grow in he already has a giant head of hair.  It’s brown and straight for the most part.  Except for when he gets banana stuck in it and then it’ll curl. 

He is a really good sleeper now.  It’s funny to think about all the struggles at the beginning.  He’ll sleep from 9 to 10:30 about and from 12:30/1:15ish to 2/3ish.  Then he goes down (awake yea!) at 7:10ish and wakes up anywhere between 6:15 to 7 depending on Gretchen’s noise level.  I still have to get him pretty close to sleeping for his nap but this past weekend I was able to put him down a bit awake and he went to sleep.  I think he’s also starting to do that pointing to the crib thing that Gretchen started doing sometime around this time, but he’s not as dramatic about it.

He’s wearing size 12 month clothes, as expected.  He’s probably on the verge of some 18 months stuff like sleepers.  His legs aren’t really that long, he’s got a pretty tall upper body.  He’s in size 4 shoes, not for his foot length but because his feet are so fat.  I can’t get his feet shoved in size 3 shoes.  He definitely has french feet…hehe.

His favorite foods right now are blueberries, bananas, any type of meat, and anything anyone else is eating.  He’s more of fruit guy than a veggie guy at this point, he loves all fruits but seems to be a bit picky on the veggies.  He’s all finger foods and has been for awhile.  Yogurt and the occasional applesauce is about all he’ll take from a spoon.  He is starting to become very interested in using utensils and I usually give him one at dinner.  He’s starting to think about doing the whole place a piece of food in the spoon and pop it in his mouth thing.  I love it when babies start to do that, I think it is so cute. 

We are done nursing.  I stopped two days ago.  He’s all sippy cups now and no more bottles.  Two kids and I have never fed either one a bottle, ever.  Wes was a bit more of a struggle at the end then Gretchen because he was so into real food and because Gretchen was a major distraction.  The nursing experience was a bit different with Wes.  Nursing Gretchen it was our peaceful Mother and baby time.  I would always take her into a quiet room and sit with her and play afterwards.  But with Wes we were lucky to have 5 minutes of quiet and therefore he got distracted a lot so his commitment to nursing was not the same as Gretchen’s and it made things a bit more tough.

Back over 4th of July weekend I started Wes on a small amount of formula, soy formula because I thought he was going to have a reaction to cows milk I would start the weaning process then.  I cut out the afternoon feeding which was nice because it freed me up at work to not have to pump.  He would just eat a snack and drink a small amount of formula instead of nursing.  Then two weeks later I cut the evening feeding and just gave him formula with dinner.  And since I don’t nurse to sleep, never did with either child, that left only two morning nursing sessions.  Then last weekend I cut out the lunch feeding and we both threw in the hat on the morning feed two days ago.  It does feel strange.  But I remember with Gretchen when we finally stopped after a week it had already felt like forever since I had nursed.  It already feels like forever. 

I’ll tell you something funny when I knew I was going to start Wes on Formula, knowing nothing about it I decided to do a bit of research to find out what the best brand was.  Naturally I googled it, I forget what exactly the phrase was that I googled but the third option down on the list was “soy formula is making kids gay” and I laughed so hard.  Seriously, it was a totally serious website, I read it of course it did peak my interest.  It was something to the effect that there are higher levels of estrogen in soy so it’s messing with their hormones.  Completely inconclusive but provided me with a good laugh.  Well what I figured out in my research is that all formulas are mostly the same because the FDA regulates them so brand meant nothing.  I get to the store and pick up a container and check out the ingredients and the first ingredient…corn syrup…really?  I’m sorry but that just seemed so gross.  I’m okay with people making whatever choice they need to when it comes to raising their own child, but really they can’t make something that is going to sustain a child’s life through it’s first year that doesn’t have corn syrup as it’s first ingredient?  I can tell you after nursing for so long, I don’t even like the way Wes smells after drinking that formula.  But anyway…

I gave him cow’s milk for the first time on Saturday and no reaction!  I can’t beleive it.  So crazy.  Awesome…formula is so freaking expensive too!  I am so excited he can have regular milk.  We still have to figure out the whole tomato and eggs thing.

Back to Wesley.  His favorite toys right now are anything that is real and is ours.  Our phones, my camera, the remote and he just won’t take substitutes.  Gosh can he throw a fit when he doesn’t get what he wants.  He also LOVES cars.  He just motors around making motor sounds with his mouth.  It’s so cute.  He loves his dino walker, he just needs to learn how to steer it.  He also is really interested in touch and feel books right now. 

He loves going outside.  Anytime you are holding him and go near a door and don’t go out it he points to the door and starts crying.  Tonight it was raining and we couldn’t go out and he just cried and cried.  Steve was like, what the heck are we going to do in the winter? 

He is loving climbing steps too.  You put him down in the vicinity of any staircase and if you turn around he is gone.  We need to get more baby gates.  He knows his name so if you say “Wesley, where are you going?”  he’ll turn smile and usually come back.  Sometimes though he just makes a break for it. 

He is SO close to walking.  He just doesn’t know it.  He’ll walk holding one hand now and he is so balanced and can cruise so easily he just wusses right out anytime you try to get him to let go.  I don’t know why I am rooting him on, as soon as he figures it out we’re so screwed.  He’s never going to want to be held again. 

The two things that I would rather do without right now are his food issues.  This has been so confusing and way too tough to figure out.  I really hope it just all goes away.  Especially the tomatoes.  I cook 75% of my meals with something that has tomato in it.  It’s just really hard.  And the other thing is him throwing his sippy cup.  It gets seriously annoying he throws it in the hardest to reach places and I am constantly having to retrieve it at meal time.  He is very sneaky too you have to see it to understand.  I try to catch it but he waits and knows the exact moment I am not paying attention and BAM on the ground. 

What are my favorite things that I hope to remember forever?  He hugs.  I love it.  You pick him up from his crib in the morning and he wraps his arms around me and squeezes.  It’s awesome, he’s been doing that for a while.  And if you attempt to sit him down and he doesn’t want to he just clings and it feels so good.  I also LOVE his open mouth kisses.  If I make a kissing noise he’ll turn to me with his mouth open and lean in and just giggle.  It’s so cute.  I also really still love his hair and his cute chubby cheeks.  He’s so squeezable. 

Oh, I almost forgot words…he says Dada and Mama though not quite consistently and he still calls the computer and the phone Dada after Steve’s travel week.  He also only says Mama when I ask him to.  But he does say “doggie” and he says “cheese!”  I am totally serious, of course I posted that video, so if you watched it you know, but he points to cameras and says “cheese.”  It’s really cute, of course and it really makes me laugh that cheese is one of his first words.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I just LOVE taking pictures. 

I guess that’s really Wes in a nutshell.  I am already dreading the toddler years.  Gretchen was such a good sweet baby and up until 18 months, it’s hard to believe what she’s turned into.  I’m nervous about Wes because he’s already started to voice an opinion, Gretchen was so go with the flow all the time I guess maybe that made her terrible twos worse because it was such a change so maybe Wes won’t be that bad.

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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    I really like these photos of your boy. Keep it up.

  2. nonni says:

    What a cutie! neat pix of our little one-year old. Want to touch him!

  3. Aunt Debbie says:

    Great sharing from a very proud mama! He is adorable–I just want to kiss on those cheeks. Your kids are the best.

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