Pimp my ride

Wes took his first ride in his brand new car seat this morning.  He’ll spend the next several years in this, I hope he really likes it.  Judging from this picture I think he does. 

Gretchen was excited she could hold Wes’s hand now.

Despite the fact that Wes is over 20 pounds and over 12 months now, we (I) have decided to keep him rear facing for as long as he can stand it.  Legally he is allowed to be forward facing and I was so excited when Gretchen could turn around and face us.  But she didn’t have the sweet mirror we have for Wes, I feel like I can see and interact with him with the mirror so it doesn’t seem as pressing.  Plus I was reading up on the statistics and it was something like children under 2 are 70% more likely to survive an accident if they are rear facing.  That’s a very alarming number.  And considering the two major accidents that just happened this past Friday on the only road in and out to Kenai in which a 5 month old died on the scene, I’m very apprehensive.

The major problem with keeping a child rear facing once they outgrow the car carrier is leg room.  There is actually less leg room in a convertible car seat reat facing because it is more upright than the bucket shape of the car carrier.  His feet are already touching the seat and will only just become more indian style as he grows. 

We opted to stick with the brand we bought for Gretchen.  We really like Gretchen’s seat.  It is the Britax Marathon, the older version which is still for sale.  So we debated sticking with the exact same model or going with the updated version and after reading a few reviews where people had the old one and bought the new one we decided to get the Britax Marathon 70 (onyx).  As with Gretchen’s car seat we picked the color based on the price.  I got the cheapest one in a boy color.  I am NOT going to pay $50 more for fancy design.  Here’s my bit on the Britax Marathon vs. the Britax Marathon 70.  The new version has better side impact protection, you can really tell by the shape.  Gretchen’s does forward facing up to 65 pounds and Wes’s is up to 70.  Granted the thought is kids will be in a booster by then but again, other than what is legal, it is better to keep them in a five point harness for as long as possible.  Rear facing the new seat actually takes up less room which was the selling point for me since I want him to stay rear facing. 

In use, Steve said the seat installed a little bit more difficult than Gretchen’s, we may just need to get used to it.  I was disappointed a bit in the straps.  Gretchen’s seat has velcro which hold the straps open when you are putting the child in the seat.  The new version has the same thing but the straps are a bit more top heavy and the side impact protection and it causes the straps not to stay open.  I’m thinking it may get worse as he gets taller.  The best feature so far is the height of the straps adjusts easily.  You don’t have to take the car seat straps apart every time you notice the straps don’t fit right.  It was a breeze fitting Wes in the seat this morning.  I think this means there are more stages of adjustments to instead of the three or four on Gretchen’s seat.  This is a hard feature to explain I read about it in the reviews and didn’t quite understand it until I actually used it on the car seat.  Just know that it is a great feature.  Of course if this is your first car seat and you haven’t had to completely take a car seat apart to adjust straps you won’t really appreciate it.  The lever to loosen the straps to get the child otu, is a bit more difficult get to, this is actually a good feature, it’s not so easy for the child to loosen themselves when the car is in motion.  Not an issue with Gretchen…yet.  Also on the plus side, it does look so cozy and it does look a bit more safe than Gretchen’s.  always a bonus, I love the color.

Wes started stacking blocks on Sunday!  We were playing in the little Mother’s room at church and they have a whole bunch of felt soft blocks to play with and I just love stacking them up for him to knock down.  But after he had his fun he actually picked them up and tried stacking them himself.  His record was three high.  It helped that they were felt and a bit sticky to each other.

Gretchen has been starting to have some dreams lately.  Or at least she is recognizing it and had been talking about them.  I knew she had been starting to remember her dreams for a while because she would wake up in the morning and randomly talk about something.  Maybe something that happened at some point in the past few months that was just so out of the blue or some strange story that I knew she couldn’t just make up.  Over the weekend she started saying “In my eyes Mama I saw….”  or “When I close my eyes I see…”  On Saturday I think it was she and two of her teachers from daycare were in a car and a bear was on the outside trying to get in.  This morning I came down the stairs and she said “Mama you scared me” and I knew she wasn’t talking about me coming down the stairs, “and I ran away.”  Then tonight she was going on and on about there being a bear that was trying to get in her room.  And since we’ve started to explain to her these are dreams she referred to it as a dream.  I tried to help her with what was real and what was dreaming.  It’s been interesting hearing what she has been seeing “in her eyes.”  I also love hearing how she tries to explain things she doesn’t have the right word for.  Like instead of dream saying “in my eyes I saw.”  hehe.

She really has been saying some really cute things lately.  They are so random and out of the blue and such fleeting moments, they make me laugh and then I lose what it is she exactly said in a few minutes.  But a couple weeks ago Steve told her to ask me something and she replied “but she’s only going to say no.”  And her favorite phrase right now is “what the heck, Mama”  And if I tell her I don’t understand something she’ll say “I told you…” or “I said…” in a very stern voice…hehe.  Another thing I hear frequently is “that be fun Mama?”  She’ll say something like I’m going to lean over my cereal and eat, that be fun Mama?  I just really want to start writing it all down the minute she says it because the end of the day comes and I know she said some cute and funny things and i can’t rememebr them and that makes me sad.

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