Pour some sugar on…

The Bucks! 

Go Bucks!

Both kids made it the whole day at daycare with their Buckeyes outfits on.  I think this is a good omen, I mean seriously Wes can’t ever go a day at daycare without pooping all over his clothes…though at this point it’s getting too close (well we’re on DVR right now the game is probably really over)…maybe I should look it up on the internet…Steve would be mad at me.  Oh darn…we’re actually back to live time.

Last night was another bad one.  Wes was up at 10, 1, and 3:30am.  Though I didn’t respond at 1 and he rolled and flopped awhile which kept me up.  Steve and I tried to go to bed early, we were in bed by 8:45 but just as I was falling asleep someone drove a SUPER loud snow machine by the house and it woke me back up.  I have no clue how Steve and Gretchen slept through it.  It woke Wes up so I got up to take care of him.  Then from 3:30 I had to let him scream because he just wasn’t responding, this of course made Gretchen toss around a bit.  I finally got him back to sleep at 4:45 and he slept 30 minutes…duh he obviously thought it was nap time.  So when he cried at 5:15 it woke up Gretchen.  I told Steve all I wanted was to sleep the last 30 minutes of the night and so he got him up and took him to the other side of the hosue while I flopped the pillow over my head and passed out.  Gretchen had a great day at daycare despite starting off so early.  Wes had an off day he took two morning naps but did not sleep at all in the afternoon.  He went down hardcore tonight.  Again I will PRAY he is back on AST now.  I’m not sure I can take another super short night I’m running on fumes.  He is just not as adaptable as Gretchen is.  I noticed as we changed locations during our travells it took him about two days at each place to get adjusted and go down for naps and nighttime.  Which kind of surprised me since he doesn’t really have a “flow” going at home so why should a location change matter? 

Gretchen has started to take note of smells…finally.  I wondered how long it would take for us to have to stop letting loose around her.  I’m bummed, though I didn’t expect her to go this long.  On our way back on the last flight someone ripped one that really stunk and Gretchen, without any prompting mind you was like “this airplane stinky.”  And then she said Wesley pooped and I was like now, that wasn’t Wes and she was like “I’m not poopy” and I said I know and she said “who’s poopy?”  hehe.  Then today…Dada tooted in the garage as he was helping load us all up for the morning and again without any prompting Gretchen announced “Dada’s stinky.”  I died laughing but inside I was very very sad.  My genes do not allow me to be stink-free all the time and I was enjoying the freedom.  All good things have to come to an end, I guess.

The sun finally came out today and I was blinded.  The weather has been a bit yucky since we’ve been back.  It was actually raining today.  And it was warmer here than it was in both Cincinnati and CT.  Jan 1st we had a record high here…43 degrees.  Everything is pretty slick right now. 

AHHHH….come on Bucks!

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