Three days past the due date

No dice.  I got an absolutely wonderful night’s sleep last night.  I woke up feeling great, not overdue for having a baby.  In fact for several moments during the day I didn’t even feel pregnant.  I still feel great and not exhausted like I have for the past few days and not three days over due from my due date.  But I have now deemed the month of July the month of baby due date madness.  I am one of three people all due in relatively the same about of time and we are ALL overdue.  Which is so crazy to me becasue EVERY baby which has been born this year that I know (friends and family) have been early.  Some crazy early.  And if you stay up to date on my blog, this is the year of the babies (14 babies of friends and family, 6 already born, the 3 this month and 5 to go).  Of my July friends, one friend was due on the 12th and the other was due on the 16th.  I spend every morning checking in with each of them hoping one of us have had some luck.  Well the crazy thing, as it turns out, both of them are being induced tonight.  Well one was being induced at 7pm EST and the other is being induced tomorrow at 4am CST.  So they are both most likely having their baby on the 21st.  And then there was one…  Is it possible we’ll all have our babies on the same day with me actually going into labor naturally?   For some reason I seriously doubt it. 

Gretchen’s one day at daycare for the week was cut short when they called and said she was rapidly developing a rash on her torso and legs.  So off we go to pick her up and take her to the doctor where we were told it was most likely a virus rash indicating she had a virus recently.  Which does make slight sense and would explain the crazy amount of sleeping she was doing last week.  She was also coughing a bit and had a runny nose.  Though it seems so delayed.  So Gretchen only got a half a day at daycare.  She was excited about seeing her favorite teacher but she was also REAL excited to see us when we went to get her.  At least she got a nap today since she was home for nap time, something she probably wouldn’t have gotten if she had been at daycare.

On another note, Bompa is supposed to arrive tonight, late.  But it’s not looking promising.  His flight is late coming into Anchorage and he’ll most likely miss his flight into Kenai.  He’ll be in Alaska, just not all the way here.  Bummer.  What else can go wrong today?  Maybe something will go right to replace all the things going wrong…

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