Hi ho, Hi ho

It’s off to work I go…  But a little late.  I had a horrible night’s sleep last night.  I was having some false labor…what’s up with that?  I seriously thought, oh this is it we’re going to have a baby and then at 3:30 am everything stopped, I fell asleep and then before I knew it it was time to go to work.  What kind of crap is that?  So I slept in and went to work late since I only had 2 hours of sleep.  I took a walk tonight, we’ll see if that gets things going.  It never did with Gretchen but I’m pulling out all the stops.

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One Response to Hi ho, Hi ho

  1. Cathy says:

    It is hard to wait like that- no sleep and no room to eat or breathe!

    It is better to stay home with that false labor though… too many shenanigans at the hospitals!

    Nature will take its course and everything will be fine. Can’t wait, I have been looking at baby things again:)

    Best wishes for a safe & easy labor!

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